Gas Price Trends Review Report 2017

Revision 2


Department of the Environment and Energy



About the review

The opaque nature of Australia’s wholesale natural gas markets and the deregulation of natural gas retail markets in most states and territories mean there is limited information in the public domain about the gas prices paid by industrial and residential customers.

In 2017, the Gas Major Projects Implementation Team, a COAG Energy Council officials group commissioned Oakley Greenwood to review gas price trends over 2016-17. The report is intended to help fill this information gap and inform market participants, consumers and policy development.

A 2015 report was commissioned by the Commonwealth and is linked below.

About the report

The report provides estimates of industrial and residential gas prices, the cost components of these prices and their historical trends, for each state and territory. The report also discusses the factors driving these price trends and provides background to the development of wholesale and residential gas markets.

The analyses and opinions in the report are those of Oakley Greenwood and should not be taken to represent the Australian Government, or any state or territory government. The report has accompanying spreadsheets covering the large industrial, small industrial and retail sectors, which provide the data on which the report is based.

Revisions to the 2015 report

Oakley Greenwood received additional data that impacted on the content for gas prices in Tasmania. As a result, the Report was revised with the replacement of one paragraph under section 8.2.4 of the report relating to the Tasmanian gas market. Additionally, one minor change was made to the Chart Titles in the Residential Customer Data Spreadsheet to be consistent with the language provided in section 8.2.4.

The first revised version was published on 24 February 2016.

A further revision was published in March 2017 to reflect slight amendments to historical South Australian residential gas prices.


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