Energy productivity skills and training pathway - Final report

A report prepared for the Department of the Environment and Energy by the Energy Efficiency Council


Commonwealth of Australia



Energy Efficiency Council


The objective of this scoping study was to examine the range of essential skills, knowledge and experience that specialist energy efficiency professionals require to provide energy efficiency and energy productivity services. It proposes an improvement pathway for individuals and organisations that reflects their needs. 

Increasing the capacity of the energy efficiency sector is essential to provide the support business and other energy users require to respond to rapidly increasing energy prices and ramp up energy productivity. Programs that train energy service professionals are essential to improve energy productivity in all sectors of the economy because the capacity of the energy efficiency sector to provide the services that will underpin a significant ramp up in energy productivity relies on having a growing pool of professionals with relevant knowledge and skills.

Improving energy productivity will boost Australia’s competitiveness, help consumers manage their energy costs and reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.