Energy Efficiency Graduate Attributes Project - Final Report


Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism



This project was one of 3 project briefs developed by the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism to investigate emergent issues around energy efficiency education in Australia.

The Energy Efficiency Graduate Attributes Project focused on engineering as a priority profession that has a significant role to play in addressing energy demand and supply issues. It contributed towards the aim of embedding EE knowledge and skills throughout the engineering undergraduate curriculum, to help build capacity within the Australian workforce across major sectors of the economy, from mining, manufacturing and industrial applications to design, construction, maintenance and retrofitting built environments.

The project was based on a whole-of-program outcomes-based approach to curriculum renewal, creating a transparent framework for integrating energy efficiency. This comprised collaborative consideration by academics and professional engineers who have experience in teaching and practising energy efficiency to identify what students should learn to be equipped with relevant competencies by the time they graduate.

The investigation for this project comprised a literature review and an invited workshop for engineering educators with energy efficiency education experience.