Energy Efficiency and Engineering Education – Briefing Note for Engineering Practitioners and Educators


Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism



This document is intended as a preliminary guide to energy efficiency, discussing both interdisciplinary and discipline-specific (specialist) attributes identified as desirable in engineering graduates. It also outlines the knowledge and skills needed to establish these attributes (learning pathways).

 In 2011, the Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism commissioned the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), with in-kind support from Engineers Australia to conduct consultations to obtain industry perspectives on the findings of its previous work. This document forms part of that consultation process, which:

  • engaged with industry to identify key discipline-specific skills and competencies
  • engaged with engineering educators to identify associated graduate attributes and learning outcomes in order to deliver the skills and competences identified
  • explored how links between industry and universities can be strengthened to support graduate learning outcomes that meet industry needs

 Although this paper is targeted at the formative engineering qualification (usually a bachelor degree), the knowledge and skills discussed may also be used for postgraduate education and for professional development.