Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) Part A


Department of Industry, Innovation and Science



The Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) was part of a suite of measures announced in July 2011 as part of the governments' climate change strategy. CEEP was a competitive merit-based grant program that provided co-funding to local governing bodies and non-profit community organisations. The grants were for those bodies to implement projects that delivered a range of energy efficiency measures in council and community owned buildings, facilities, and sites; particularly where this would benefit low socio-economic and other disadvantaged communities or support energy efficiency in regional and rural councils.

Grants were awarded to 171 recipients, for a total of $113.4 million. 11 grants were withdrawn before Funding Agreements were executed and 7 projects were terminated during the Program. Some projects were partially completed at the time of termination. At the close of the Program, a total of $96.3 million was paid in grant funding and 153 projects completed. The Program closed on 30 June 2016.


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ACT Government: Community Services Directorate Final Report - CEEP1103 724.38 KB
Alice Springs Town Council: Alice Springs Public Library Final Report - CEEP1077 507.59 KB
ACT Government Community Services Directorate: ACT Government Community Services Directorate Final Report CEEP1103 724.38 KB
Alice Springs Town Council: Alice Springs Public Library Final Report CEEP1077 507.59 KB
Alice Springs Town Council: Alice Springs Town Council Final Report CEEP2153 3.66 MB
Bankstown City Council: Bankstown CBD Parking Lights Project Final Report CEEP2014 4.41 MB
Bankstown City Council: The bankstown Generation Project Final Report CEEP1104 2.83 MB
Bankstown District Sports Club Ltd: Bankstown District Sports Club Ltd Final Report CEEP2233 859.34 KB
Bass Coast Shire Council: Sustrainable Street lighting Final - Project Report CEEP1049 2.85 MB
Bass Coast Shire Council: Efficient Buildings by the Coast - Final Project Report CEEP2152 4.78 MB
Baw Baw Shire Council: Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program Review Report CEEP1040 1.41 MB
Bega Valley Shire Council: 'Energy Efficient Community Pools' Project Final Report CEEP2183 838.81 KB
The Bendigo Trust: The Bendigo Trust Final Report CEEP2159 1.23 MB
Bethanie Housing Ltd: Geothermal HVAC Upgrade Bethanie Aged Care Facilities - Final Report CEEP2199 1.01 MB
Blackall-Tambo Regional Council: Effective Energy Project 1.07 MB
Blacktown Workers Club Ltd: Blacktown Workers Club Ltd Final Report CEEP1043 1.52 MB
Blayney Shire Council: CentrePoint Leisure Centre Energy Retrofit Final Report CEEP2050 8.08 MB
Blayney Shire Council: Blayney Shire Council Final Report "Getting the Mix Right" CEEP2140 269.19 KB
Brimbank City Council: "Powering Down" Realising Energy and Greenhouse Gas reductions Final Report CEEP1022 2.24 MB
Brisbane City Council: 25,000 Street Lights Retrofit project Final Report CEEP1175 771.9 KB
Broken Hill City Council: Shine the Light on Energy Use at Broken Hill City Council Final Report CEEP2045 9.86 MB
Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group Inc: Energy Efficiency upgrade/retrofit Final Report CEEP2196 2.18 MB
Bundaberg Regional Council: Installation of energy efficient lights, timers - Final Report CEEP2006 7.15 MB
Cairns Regional Council: Cairns Regional Council Final Report CEEP1256 829.59 KB
Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club Ltd: Community Energy Efficiency Program Funding Agreement CEEP2116 3.95 MB
Cardinia Shire Council: Cardinia Life Environmental Upgrade Project Final Report CEEP1192 7.92 MB
Casey City Council: Energy Efficient Street Lighting Bulk Conversion Project Final Report CEEP2009 1.66 MB
Castle Hill RSL Club Ltd: Final Report Castle Hill RSL Club Trigeneration Project CEEP1135 1.46 MB
Central NSW Councils: Learning and Sharing Energy Efficiency Program Final Report CEEP1193 4.42 MB
Central NSWCouncils: Central NSWCouncils The Nexus Between Water and Energy Final Report CEEP2013 5.29 MB
City of Armadale: Champion Centre LED lighting and Insulation Retrofit Project Plan Final Report CEEP2234 5.93 MB
City of Boroondara: Sustainable Lighting Project Final Report CEEP1222 9.99 MB
City of Busselton: Geothermal Heating Geographe Leisure Centre - Final Report CEEP1031 3.09 MB
City of Campbelltown: Energy Efficiency Demonstration Project Final Report CEEP2215 2.52 MB
The City of Canada Bay Council: The City of Canada Bay Council Final Report CEEP1235 7.75 MB
City of Canning: Riverton Leisureplex Geothermal Project - Final Report CEEP2026 5.85 MB
City of Canterbury Council: Canterbury Energy Efficiency Upgrade: Project Final Report CEEP2232 10.34 MB
City of Charles Sturt: Kill Bill$ - Powering down across the City of Charles Sturt Final Report CEEP2040 13.26 MB
City of Darebin: Pooling our energy savings Final Report CEEP1109 1.47 MB
City of Darebin: Darebin Green Light Program - Energy Efficient Streetlights Final Report CEEP2067 7.12 MB
City of Fremantle: Cogeneration and Geothermal Upgrade City of Fremantle Leisure Centre - Final Report CEEP2047 1.49 MB
City of Greater Bendigo: Energy efficiency installations - Final Report CEEP1018 7.16 MB
City of Greater Dandenong: Energy Efficient Street Lighting Bulk Conversion Project - Final Report CEEP2182 3.72 MB
City of Greater Geraldton: Geraldton Aquarena Energy Efficiency Project - Final Report CEEP2106 5.35 MB
City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder: Goldfields Oasis Leisure Centre - Alternative Energy Project - Final Report CEEP1150 2.93 MB
City of Kwinana: Kwinana's aquatic and youth centres Final Report CEEP2024 1.26 MB
City of Mandurah: Mandurah Aquatic & Recreation Centre Redevelopment - Final Report CEEP2097 27.63 MB
City of Newcastle: Newcastle City Council Smart Buildings Smart Workforce Final Report CEEP1204 1.86 MB
City of Port Adelaide Enfield: Re-energising Port Adelaide Enfield Community - Final Report CEEP2160 4.03 MB
The City of Stirling: Kill-a-Watt: Stirling's Low Carbon Diet for its Biggest Power Users - Final Report CEEP2030 3.14 MB
City of Vincent: City of Vincent Energy Efficiency Upgrades Final Report CEEP2098 1.54 MB
City of Whittlesea: Energy Efficient Streetlights and libraries - Final Report CEEP2079 1.81 MB
Clarence Valley Council: Energy Ingenuity at Clarence Valley Council - Final Report CEEP2238 1.4 MB
Cobram Community House Inc: Efficiencies for Growth - Final Report CEEP2139 1.65 MB
Community Living & Respite Services Inc: Final Report "Lightening the Load" CEEP2112 395.52 KB
Cootamundra Ex Servicemen's and Citizens Club: Replacement of Air Conditioning and Lighting - Final Report CEEP2180 9.84 MB
Corangamite Shire Council: Emission Reduction Scheme for Depot & Camperdown Community Centre - Final Report CEEP1143 1.31 MB
Corryong Neighbourhood House Inc: Corryong Neighbourhood Centre Final Report CEEP2144 3.93 MB
Council of the City of Sydney: Town Hall Trigeneration Project Final Report CEEP1161 3.45 MB
Cradle Coast Authority: Portside Building Retrofit Regional Showcase - Final Report CEEP1144 3.04 MB
Crescent Head Country Club Ltd: Energy Reduction through Voltage Power Optimisation Final Report CEEP2064 1.86 MB
Devonport City Council: Devonport Energy Efficiency Project Final Report CEEP2029 3.55 MB
District Council Orroroo Carrieton: Upgrade to Buildings and Infrastructures - Final Report CEEP1127 1.46 MB
Dubbo RSL Memorial Club Ltd: Skycool Heat Reduction Project - Final Report CEEP2213 3.47 MB
East Arnhem Shire Council: East Arnhem Shire Council Street Lighting Replacement Project Final Report CEEP1297 968.74 KB
Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council 2.69 MB
East Gippsland Shire Council: Energy Efficient Street Lights and Main Corporate Centre CEEP2204 9.42 MB
East Gippsland Shire Council: Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation Centre report CEEP2205 16.9 MB
East Gippsland Shire Council: Lakes Entrance Aquadome pool heating and lighting upgrade - Final Report CEEP2243 3.24 MB
Frankston City Council: Milestone 9 Final Report Frankston Arts Precinct Trigeneration CEEP1115 4.98 MB
Frankston City Council: Final Report - 43 Davey Street Frankston City Council CEEP1148 3.84 MB
Glen Eira City Council: Community Energy Efficiency Program - Moorleigh Community Village - Final Report CEEP1014 100.17 KB
Gloucester Shire Council: Reconditioning of air conditioning in administration centre - Final Report CEEP1092 773.85 KB
Greater Bendigo City Council: Lighting the regions Final Report CEEP2121 11.06 MB
Greater Shepparton City Council: Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program - Final Report CEEP2019 2.05 MB
Great Lakes Council: Community Facility Energy Efficiency Upgrade Final Report CEEP2093 4.31 MB
Holroyd City Council: Energy Smart Cities & Homes Project - CEEP Final Report CEEP2054 2.09 MB
Hume City Council: Lighting the Way Community Energy Efficiency Program - Final Report CEEP2184 619.49 KB
Illawarra Catholic Club Ltd: Illawarra Catholic Club Ltd Final Report CEEP2181 1.21 MB
Illawarra Sports Stadium Ltd: Illawarra Sports Stadium Ltd Final Report CEEP2008 1.32 MB
Ipswich City Council: Ipswich LED Street Lighting Retrofit Final Report CEEP2036 2.71 MB
The John James Memorial Foundation Ltd - Final Report CEEP2107 2.4 MB
Kingston City Council: Kingston Arts Precinct Energy Efficiency Improvement Program - Final Report CEEP1015 1008.32 KB
Kingston City Council: Best-Practice commercial office building LED lighting retrofits - Final Report CEEP2078 1.18 MB
Kogarah City Council: Sustainable Lighting Retrofit - Final Report CEEP1228 3.83 MB
Lane Cove Municipal Council: Energy Conservation in Lane Cove Final Report CEEP2065 5.79 MB
Latrobe City Council: Lighting Latrobe Final Report CEEP2016 5.66 MB
Leichhardt Municipal Council: Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre Co-Generation Plant Final Report CEEP1240 455.28 KB
Lismore City Council: Upgrades Lismore Memorial Baths and Goonellabah Sports & Aquatic Centre Final Report CEEP1030 2.36 MB
Lismore City Council: Corporate Administration Centre and CBD Office - Final Report CEEP2176 1.86 MB
Logan City Council: Energy Efficiency Program Lighting Upgrade - Final Report CEEP2148 9.03 MB
Mahogany Neighbourhood Centre Inc - Final Report CEEP2145 9.83 MB
Maitland City Bowls Sports and Recreation Club: Retrofit - Final Report CEEP1099 16.95 MB
Maitland City Council: New Future Project - Final Report - Milestone 9 CEEP2070 2.05 MB
Maribyrnong City Council: Community Energy Efficiency Pogram Projects - Final Report CEEP2085 10.13 MB
Meander Valley Council: Energy-Wise Warmth for Mountain Community Final Report CEEP2057 1.22 MB
Melton City Council: Demonstrating Energy Savings Measures Final Report CEEP2117 5.32 MB
Merri Community Health Services Limited: HVAC Replacement & Lighting Upgrade Final Report CEEP1221 6.03 MB
Mildura Rural City Council: The Big Switch Final Report CEEP2137 741.6 KB
Mingara Recreation Club Limited: Cogeneration Project Final Report CEEP2118 4.16 MB
Moreland City Council: Energy Efficient Community Hubs - Final Report CEEP1125 7.73 MB
Moreton Bay Regional Council: Moreton Bay Regional Council Final Report CEEP2138 4.23 MB
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia 3.89 MB
Multiple Sclerosis Society WA Wilson Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project - Final Report 4.78 MB
Nazareth Catholic Community: Nazareth Catholic Community Final Report CEEP1061 4.1 MB
The Northcott Society: Upgrade at the Northcott Centre - Final Report CEEP2201 1020.59 KB
Northern Grampians Shire Council: Stawell Leisure Complex Upgrade Final Report CEEP2123 2.6 MB
North Sydney Council: Olympic Pool Cogeneration Plant Project - Final Report CEEP1046 2.74 MB
North Sydney Council: North Sydney Council Final Report CEEP1156 1.61 MB
Novita Children's Services Final Report CEEP1183 1.98 MB
Nunkuwarrin Yunti of South Australia Inc: Energy efficiency for Aboriginal community health - Final Report CEEP2177 1.87 MB
Parramatta City Council: Improvements to Parramatta's Central Business District - Final Report CEEP1207 2.5 MB
Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW: Lighting Retrofit PCYC NSW - Final Report CEEP1230 7.4 MB
Port Stephens Council: Terrace Community Care Centre - Final Report CEEP1089 2.76 MB
Queensland Police Citizens Youth Welfare Association: Lighting Upgrade - Final Report CEEP2163 16.08 MB
Regional Development Australia - Northern Inland: Northern Lights - Final Report CEEP2053 2.56 MB
Roper Gulf Shire Council: The Cleaner Greener Challenge - Final Report CEEP2134 5.07 MB
Ross House Association 9.57 MB
Royal Far West: Upgrade to lighting in high use areas - Final Report CEEP2058 724.65 KB
Ruah Community Services: Community Program "Cool Gecko" - Final Report CEEP1218 9.16 MB
Rural City of Wangaratta: Cogeneration Wangaratta Indoor Sports and Aquatic Centre CEEP1244 1.2 MB
Scope 1.8 MB
Shire of Esperance: LED Streetlight retrofit project - Final Report CEEP2130 2.89 MB
Shire of Laverton: LED Streetlight retrofit project - Final Report CEEP2202 2.36 MB
Shire of Manjimup: Manjimup Aqua Regional Centre - Final Report CEEP1248 2.21 MB
Shire of York: Administration office energy efficiency upgrade project - Final Report CEEP2035 2.01 MB
Somerset Regional Council: Lowood pool heating - CEEP2005 Final Report 1.2 MB
Southern Cross Care 4.96 MB
Southern Downs Regional Council: Lighting upgrades - Final Report CEEP2095 6.91 MB
Southern Midlands Council: Retrofitting the 1880's Town Hall - Final Report CEEP1011 1.37 MB
South Gippsland Shire Council: Green Street Lighting Project Final Report CEEP1070 568.21 KB
South West Sustainability Partnership: Great South Coast Street Smart Lighting - Final Report CEEP1102 4.5 MB
Tablelands Regional Council: Atherton Library and Gallery upgrades - Final Report CEEP2162 1.46 MB
Tamworth Regional Council: Tamworth Regional Gallery Final Report CEEP1162 4.15 MB
Tasman Council: Tasman Energy Action 2.86 MB
Temora Aviation Museum: Temora Aviation Museum Final Report CEEP1071 1.84 MB
The Cerebral Palsy Association of WA Ltd: Geothermal HVAC Pool Heating Upgrade - Final Report CEEP2189 3.23 MB
The City of Greater Geelong: Future Proofing Geelong - Final Report CEEP1194 6.6 MB
The Corporation of the City of Adelaide: Aquatic Centre Energy Efficiency Upgrade - Final Report CEEP2025 6.76 MB
Town of Gawler: Improving energy management practices in the Gawler community - Final Report CEEP2071 3.85 MB
Townsville City Council: Energy transformation Townsville - Final Report CEEP1186 4.52 MB
Tumbarumba Shire Council: Upgrade of Khancoban water supply pumping stations - Final Report CEEP2084 930.47 KB
Tumburumba Shire Council: Upgrade of water supply pumping stations - Final Report CEEP1231 1.7 MB
Tumut Shire Council: Riverina Highlands Building Energy Efficiency Project - Final Report CEEP2052 11.08 MB
Twin Towns Services Club Ltd: Club Banora Trigeneration System - Final Report CEEP2111 2.05 MB
UnitingCare Community and Blue Care Energy Efficiency Program Final Report CEEP2076 1.63 MB
Wagga Wagga City Council: Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre Cogeneration - Final Report CEEP1171 247.37 KB
Wellington Shire Council: Wellington Shire Street Lights Ahead - Final Report CEEP2060 1.96 MB
Western Australian Local Gov Association: Rural & Regional LED Streetlighting Retrofit - Final Report CEEP1232 1.2 MB
Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Ltd.: Street Lighting - Final Report CEEP2109 6.69 MB
West Gambier Football Club Inc: The Community Energy Efficiency Program Final Report CEEP2091 1.9 MB
Willoughby City Council: Tri-Generation at The Concourse - Final Report CEEP1167 343.11 KB