Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) final reports


The Community Energy Efficiency Program (CEEP) was part of a suite of measures announced in July 2011 as part of the governments' climate change strategy.

CEEP was a competitive, merit-based grant program that provided co-funding to local governing bodies and non-profit community organisations to implement energy efficiency projects in council and community-owned buildings, facilities and sites.

A particular focus was placed on projects that would benefit low socio-economic and other disadvantaged communities, or support energy efficiency in regional and rural councils.

The program closed on 30 June 2016. Some key outcomes of the program were:

  • Grants were awarded to 171 recipients for a total of $113.4 million.
  • 11 grants were withdrawn before funding agreements were executed.
  • 7 projects were terminated during the program with some projects partially completed at the time of termination.
  • At the close of the program, a total of $96.3 million was paid in grant funding and 153 projects completed.

Final reports