Energy-mass balance - Iluka Resources Limited


This case study presents Iluka Resources Limited’s successful adoption of the energy-mass balance (EMB) as the core method of energy analysis in its Synthetic Rutile facility in Iluka’s South West Operations, Western Australia. It discusses key aspects of Iluka’s experience, such as the EMB modelling approach, results achieved, lessons learned and the role the EMB will play in Iluka’s energy improvement initiatives. The case study was developed through Iluka’s participation in the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program.

Energy-mass balance - resource processing


This guide outlines the key considerations for the development of an energy-mass balance (EMB), a method for accounting for the energy and material flows within a resource processing site. It was designed for corporations to meet the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program but can used by any large energy user as a guide on how to effectively develop an EMB.

Energy management - Capilano Honey


At Capilano’s Richlands honey production facility, electricity and natural gas are the primary energy sources and input costs. Of the 18,000 gigajoule (GJ) (a cost of $580,000) used on site, 25% is used by thermal loads of pasteurisation and hot water generation. An assessment took into consideration upcoming business changes (the build of a new facility was pending) and advised Capilano about opportunities to save money on lighting, solar PV, thermal system insulation and heat recovery, and compressed air heat recovery.