A fair deal on energy


The Australian Government is:

  • delivering an affordable and reliable energy system
  • putting energy consumers first
  • taking real and practical action to reduce emissions and meet our international commitments


Snowy 2.0 - Making power more affordable and reliable


The Australian Government has approved Snowy 2.0 which will see the expansion of Australia’s iconic Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Scheme. Snowy 2.0 is a key part of government initiatives to deliver affordable and reliable power.

Battery of the Nation and Marinus Link factsheet


The Australian Government is partnering with the Tasmanian Government through targeted investments to help realise the significant potential that Tasmania offers to deliver additional electricity generation and much needed energy storage to the National Electricity Market.

Towards a new energy future


Describes the energy-related measured announced in the 2017-18 Portfolio Budget Statements. These measures address how Australians can access reliable and affordable energy as we transition to a low emissions future.

Reliable clean power through pumped hydro


Describes the Government’s investment in providing additional energy storage infrastructure so that wind and solar can be better integrated into the energy market and conventional power can be used more efficiently.

Feasibility of a second Tasmanian interconnector


In April 2016, the Australian Government and the Tasmanian Government established this study of the feasibility of a second electricity interconnector (2IC) between Tasmania and Victoria. The study was initiated in response to energy supply challenges in Tasmania during 2015–16 caused by an extended outage of Basslink combined with low hydro water storage levels resulting from low rainfall.