Buildings Energy Efficiency Taskgroup (BEET) reports

The International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) has 10 task groups, which includes the Buildings Energy Efficiency Taskgroup (BEET) co-chaired by Australia and the USA. BEET is a collaborative platform for countries to research, inform and support the development and implementation of effective building energy efficiency policies, with a core focus on building rating systems and building codes.

Towards a new energy future


Describes the energy-related measured announced in the 2017-18 Portfolio Budget Statements. These measures address how Australians can access reliable and affordable energy as we transition to a low emissions future.

Power System Security Assessment of the future National Electricity Market


The Panel commissioned the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) to perform a security assessment of a selected set of the emissions reduction policies modelled by Jacobs. MEI’s report includes analysis on future power system security issues under the selected policies. MEI also analysed one of these policies further, looking at the minimum level of synchronous generation required to be online for the secure operation of the National Electricity Market.

Building Code Calculator


The Australian Government commissioned the development of software to estimate the emissions reduction and energy savings arising from future changes to the National Construction Code.

Report to Independent Review into the Future Security of the NEM


The Panel commissioned Jacobs to model a range of emissions reduction policies for the National Electricity Market. These policies were modelled over the period FY2017-FY2050. The modelling provides key insights on the impacts different policies have on consumers as well as on the National Electricity Market’s generation and capacity mix.

Powering forward


The Australian Government plan to introduce a National Energy Guarantee to deliver an affordable and reliable energy system.