World Refrigeration Day


The first annual World Refrigeration Day,  26 June 2019, recognises the importance of refrigeration technologies in everyday life.

Refrigeration technology is used in freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners and heat pumps and has become essential to modern life. The technology not only provides for comfort in our homes, offices, hotels, hospitals and other buildings, it contributes to society in many other ways.

See our World Refrigeration Day guide for more information.

EEX business content now on


Content from the Energy EXchange website is now hosted here on This content is for small, medium and large businesses. It includes information on major industry sectors and technologies, with advice on how to identify and implement energy efficiencies.

Australian Petroleum Statistics - Issue 271 February 2019


The February 2019 Australian Petroleum Statistics has been published.

This is a monthly publication that collects national and state statistical information on:

  • sales of petroleum products
  • exports and imports of petroleum products and crude oil
  • production of crude oil and condensate
  • refinery input and output
  • stocks of petroleum products

Households and businesses to benefit from improved energy efficiency of appliances


New regulations will make it easier for people to choose an air conditioner that best suits their needs and help them reduce their energy bills.

Higher minimum energy performance standards will prevent the least efficient appliances from being supplied into Australia, saving electricity and cutting our greenhouse gas emissions.

New labels will display star ratings and annual energy consumption figures for 3 climate zones rather than just 1, so shoppers can select the product most suitable for where they live.