Sustainable House Day – virtual home tours

On Sunday 20 September 2020, hundreds of Australia’s leading environmentally sustainable homes will be open for virtual inspection by visitors on Sustainable House Day. This is an opportunity to see home-based energy-efficiency in action. Take a virtual tour, talk to owners and get first-hand advice from people who have designed, built and renovated sustainable homes.

There will be 3 virtual rooms hosting sessions throughout the day. Access to all 3 rooms is free, and visitors can move between them depending on areas of interest.

Room 1 is all about building for sustainability.

Topics include:

  • heating and cooling your house naturally
  • designing climate resilient homes
  • implementing passive house design
  • the importance of inclusive and accessible housing.

These sessions will be hosted by homeowners and designers of homes like The Sandhill in Kyvalley.

Room 2 is all about building, retrofitting and renovating — there's a session on tiny houses, another on building with earth and straw, and one on prefab homes. Also covered is owner building, the merits of hemp, building in the tropics and how to best insulate your home. 

Room 3 is all about renewable energy, community living, gardens, and water efficiency. Join us for sessions on going all-electric, solar and battery options, water recycling and creating an edible oasis. 

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources is collaborating with event organiser Renew, to raise awareness of the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS).

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