Supporting innovation that empowers household solar

The Australian Government is supporting Brisbane company eleXsys Energy to roll out next-generation technology that will increase the amount of distributed energy resources (DER), such as household solar and electric vehicles.

The government is investing $451,000 into a trial of the technology, through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

The eleXsys Energy device regulates voltage levels on power lines that will help DER to continue supplying electricity to the network, instead of being restricted or switched off. This will allow clean energy producers to feed more energy back into existing electricity distribution grids.

The demonstration project is expected to showcase the effectiveness of the technology through the installation of 5 devices: 

  • 3 will be directly connected to Energy Queensland’s network 
  • 1 will be trialed behind the meter on a customer’s premises
  • 1 will be installed at the Real Time Digital Stimulator facility in Cairns to test how it could work in other types of networks.

The Hon Tim Wilson MP, Assistant Minister to the Minister for Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction, said ‘The devices will be trialed on the Energy Queensland network for now, but the technology could be applicable to any low voltage area in Australia.’

‘eleXsys Energy has employed dedicated personnel with deep experience to deliver the project. This funding will help eleXsys Energy continue to engage industry partners and support local jobs in Queensland.’

The investment is in addition to $3.5 million supporting eleXsys Energy under the Modern Manufacturing Initiative. This will enable the construction of a purpose-built manufacturing facility expected to fulfil demand both in Australia and for export markets. 

ARENA has previously supported over $100 million of DER projects and established the Distributed Energy Integration Program (DEIP) aimed at maximizing the value of customers’ DER for all energy users. 

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