Supporting farmers to harvest energy savings

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) and Energy Efficiency Council (EEC) are encouraging farmers to find savings through smart energy management.

A new guide, Leveraging tax incentives to improve energy performance, shows how farm businesses can make savings by capitalising on tax incentives when buying new assets or upgrading.

‘Energy bills have more than doubled for some farmers, but there are ways to switch on savings,’ NFF Acting Chief Executive Charlie Thomas said.

EEC CEO Luke Menzel said the Australian Government had introduced and extended several tax depreciation incentives to support businesses with recovering from the impacts of COVID-19. Savvy businesses were using the measures to boost the business case for energy upgrades.

‘But these incentives won’t last forever. Farmers should get in now so they can start reaping the benefits of smart energy management,’ Mr Menzel said.

The NFF and EEC have also co-developed a farm sector guide on ways to improve productivity with energy efficiency, renewables and demand management: Navigating a dynamic energy landscape: a briefing for farms.

[source: EEC]