Rewiring the Nation deal to fast-track clean energy jobs and security in NSW

The Australian Government and the NSW Government have announced a landmark deal to connect NSW’s Renewable Energy Zones (REZs) and plug Snowy 2.0 into the grid. The agreement unlocks thousands of new energy jobs, and will deliver energy that’s more reliable, secure and affordable across the east coast.

The joint $7.8 billion deal will back 8 critical transmission and REZ projects.

Rewiring the Nation will enable $4.7 billion from the Commonwealth to join with $3.1 billion from the NSW Transmission Acceleration Facility, to help NSW realise its Electricity Infrastructure Roadmap.

This agreement will establish these critical transmission and REZ projects:

  • Sydney Ring – Hunter Transmission Project (HTP)
  • Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zones (REZ)
  • New England REZ
  • HumeLink
  • VNI West
  • Hunter-Central Coast REZ
  • Sydney Ring – Southern Sydney Ring
  • South-West REZ. 

Australia’s electricity grid needs to be strengthened and reconfigured to meet the demands of the transitioning electricity market.

This latest Rewiring the Nation backing follows the deal between the Commonwealth, Tasmanian and Victorian governments for:

  • Marinus Link undersea cables to link Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation projects to the mainland
  • the Victorian leg of VNI West
  • a range of REZ projects, including offshore wind.

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