Recycling and resource recovery industry to turn trash into treasure

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has identified an investment pipeline of up to $7.8 billion across Australia’s waste, bioenergy, recycling and resource recovery sectors. This would deliver a triple impact in terms of economic, employment and emissions benefits.   

The five-year investment outlook is part of a new CEFC report, Energising resource recovery: the Australian opportunity. The report considers the role of resource and energy recovery in the transition to a low emissions economy.   

Highlights include: 

  • Expanded infrastructure requirements for waste, recycling and bioenergy projects. These have potential to generate up to $7.8 billion in new investment in the period to 2025.
  • Emissions reductions of up to 60% from landfill could be achieved by reducing, reusing and recycling materials before they enter the waste stream.
  • Creation of up to 9000 construction jobs and 4000 additional jobs, many in regional and rural areas. 

Areas with strongest investment potential are in large-scale energy from waste facilities.  Other significant opportunities are in refuse-derived fuel facilities, and processing municipal solid waste generated by households. 

The CEFC is a leading investor in bioenergy, recycling and energy from waste, having committed investments of more than $400 million to the sector for a total project value of $1.7 billion.  

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Recycling and Clean Energy National Manufacturing Priority road map