New guide to help Australians learn more about rooftop solar and batteries

We've launched the Solar Consumer Guide to help households and businesses get the most out of rooftop solar and batteries. 

It’s a free, government-backed online guide about rooftop solar for Australian consumers, including households and small businesses.  

The step-by-step guide aims to help consumers learn how to install, use and maintain new or existing rooftop solar so they can: 

  • make confident and informed choices 
  • save money on their electricity bills 
  • reduce their carbon footprint. 

The guide includes information on how consumers can find a solar retailer or installer and what questions to ask when seeking quotes.  

The Australian Government has also helped fund the SunSPOT tool, which is featured in the guide. Consumers can use SunSPOT to get an estimate of the likely costs and savings of rooftop solar and batteries for their own home or business. 

The guide was developed with the support from the University of New South Wales, Australian PV Institute and industry stakeholders. 

The guide does not refer users to solar or battery retailers or installers, or ask for any personal information.