New business content now online has added new industry sector and technology pages for businesses. Each page features detailed information on energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation.


New industry pages examine a range of opportunities to save energy and money in four sectors:

Retail. The retail sector is one of the more energy-intensive industries in Australia, accounting for around 50% of energy use in the commercial property sector. Taking action to improve energy efficiency and sustainability can boost profit performance and business resilience, while reducing environmental impacts.

Food and grocery stores. Energy usually comprises a small percentage of total operating costs for food and grocery stores, but it’s a significant proportion of the tight profit margins of many retailers.

Construction. Energy used directly in the construction sector includes large volumes of diesel for machinery and electricity for powering buildings and tools, presenting many opportunities to save on energy.

Maritime transport. Increasing regulation of marine emissions is transforming the way vessels are operated. Measures to improve efficiency include a range of renewable, hybrid and alternative-fuel options.


New technology pages highlight innovations and opportunities for savings in three areas:

Refrigeration. Industrial refrigeration can be responsible for up to 85% of a company’s energy use. Energy savings can often be made through actions requiring little or no investment.

Motors and variable speed drives. Motors use substantial energy and can incur significant running costs. While they are generally inefficient, there is often significant potential for saving energy.

Industry 4.0. This is the emerging ’fourth industrial revolution’. Industry 4.0 embraces the digitalisation of technologies and processes in manufacturing, offering opportunities to save energy while improving energy productivity. 

No matter the size of your company, you can find energy saving advice on these and other sectors and technologies in the Business section of