National Wind Farm Commissioner role to be expanded

The role of the National Wind Farm Commissioner, Andrew Dyer, will be further expanded by the Australian Government to cover new major transmission projects.

To reflect the expanded role, the National Wind Farm Commissioner will now be known as the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner.

Since 2015, the Commissioner has played a key role in helping community members and stakeholders work through issues related to wind farm development and operations. In 2018, the government expanded the Commissioner’s role to include managing concerns relating to large scale solar and storage installation.

The role will now also involve facilitating the resolution of complaints and concerns about new major transmission projects, and assisting to identify and adopt best practices for project deployment.

The government is advancing all major priority transmission projects identified in the Australian Energy Market Operator’s 2020 Integrated System Plan, including Marinus Link, Project EnergyConnect and HumeLink.

The Hon Angus Taylor, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction said the government is committed to ensuring community concerns about transmission projects are acknowledged and addressed throughout the design, planning, construction and operational phases of deployment.

‘Transmission investment is crucial to the security and affordability of our grid,’ the Minister said.

‘As these critically important transmission projects take shape, we want to ensure that any concerns community members have are heard and resolved in the appropriate way, and the Commissioner’s expanded role will facilitate this.’

To read more, see the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner website and the Minister’s media release.