National recycling scheme for household batteries

Although most batteries have always been recyclable, up to 90% of them have been thrown out and contaminating the environment for decades. Many still have some charge, and they can spark against other metals and cause fires.

Thanks to the convenience of the new B-cycle scheme, old batteries can now more easily enter the recycling loop.  Aussies can drop off their used-up household batteries at thousands of supermarkets, shops and community clubs around the country.

Major retailers on board for collection include Woolworths, ALDI, Bunnings and Officeworks. Householders can look online for their nearest drop-off points.

B-cycle aims to build a viable circular economy. Used batteries will get a new life as metal tools, computer parts, or as born-again batteries.

The national scheme is supported by the Australian Government and state/territory governments, as well as a levy on battery manufacturing.

B-cycle is currently accepting the smaller alkaline and lithium batteries from items like remote controls, toys, tools and torches.

The scheme is intended to expand its intake to include larger batteries, such as those from electric vehicles and energy storage systems.