Marinus Link: Supporting Australia’s continuing transition to a clean energy future

To support Australia’s continuing transition to a clean energy future, the Australian Government is providing further funding for 2 projects: Marinus Link and the Tarraleah Hydro Power Scheme.

Marinus Link is an undersea and underground electricity interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria. The project will unlock access to up to 1500 MW of capacity from Tasmania’s existing and future hydro and wind power generators. It will bring low emission, affordable, and reliable energy to the National Energy Market (NEM).

To help steer the Marinus Link project through the planning, design and approvals, the government is investing $75 million to bring the project to a final investment decision. The project, which involves 250 kilometres of undersea cable and 90 kilometres of underground cable in Victoria, will deliver around 2,800 jobs at peak construction, and will stimulate investment in hydro and wind generation.

Funding of $65 million for the Tarraleah Hydro Power Scheme will support up to 220 MW peak capacity and 5 GWh of stored energy.

The projects will help realise Tasmania’s Battery of the Nation initiative. The initiative is about developing a pathway for future renewable energy projects in Tasmania. The Marinus Link will carry the clean energy from the island to the mainland.

The Australian and Tasmanian governments will establish a Joint Ministerial Governance Committee and a Joint Senior Officials Governance Committee to provide strategic oversight and ensure project milestones are met. 

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