Introducing the Industrial Energy Tools

The new Industrial Energy Tools make it easy for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to assess their energy maturity and identify energy saving strategies.

SMEs that use the tools can reduce emissions and improve their energy use by up to 30%.

The Industrial Energy Tools target SMEs working with:

The tools are simple and user-friendly. They ask a series of questions about energy management practices, equipment maintenance and energy efficiency improvements.

The tools then generate a report that assesses energy maturity and provides targeted recommendations and opportunities. The report includes links to further information.

 Some of the strategies the Industrial Energy Tools can recommend include:

  • improving energy management practices
  • efficiency upgrades
  • optimising equipment, processes, and maintenance plans
  • researching energy provider rates.

The Industrial Energy Tools are part of the Australian Government’s delivery of recommendations from the King Review.

Businesses can access the Industrial Energy Tools on

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