International co-operation on high tech and hydrogen

International partnerships are key to the Australian Government’s plan to accelerate development of the Technology Investment Roadmap’s priority technologies.  

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said international collaboration was key to getting new energy technologies like hydrogen to commercial parity.

‘Our ambition is to produce the cheapest clean hydrogen in the world, which will transform transport, mining, resources and manufacturing at home and overseas,’ the Prime Minister said.

Japan-Australia partnership on decarbonisation through technology

Japan and Australia are collaborating on a technology-led drive towards net zero emissions while ensuring economic growth and job creation. This commitment will affirm support for regional partners, particularly ASEAN members, in their clean energy transitions in various forms.

Japan and Australia’s joint commitments include:

  • increased focus on lower emissions LNG production, transport and use
  • clean fuel ammonia
  • hydrogen and derivatives produced from renewable energy or from fossil fuels with substantial carbon capture utilisation and storage
  • carbon recycling
  • low emissions steel and iron ore.

Australia partners with Singapore on hydrogen in maritime sector

Australia and Singapore will establish a $30 million partnership to accelerate deployment of low emissions fuels and technologies in maritime and port operations.

The partnership recognises Singapore’s role as a major global shipping hub. This aligns with Australia’s emerging position as a leader in the growing use of clean hydrogen and clean ammonia.

The initiative will trial these fuels and assess potential demand in the maritime sector. Each country will commit up to $10 million over five years to fund industry-led pilot and demonstration projects. At least $10 million of additional investment is expected to be leveraged from industry.

Australia and Germany partner on hydrogen initiatives

On 15 June, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the Declaration of Intent between the Government of Australia and the Government of Germany on the Australia-Germany Hydrogen Accord.

The Accord includes three major initiatives:

  1. Establishing the German-Australian Hydrogen Innovation and Technology Incubator (HyGATE) to support pilot, demonstration and research projects along the hydrogen supply chain.
  2. Facilitating industry-to-industry cooperation on demonstration projects in Australian hydrogen hubs.
  3. Exploring options to facilitate the trade of hydrogen and its derivatives produced from renewables (such as ammonia) from Australia to Germany.

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