Save on your winter energy bills

Making energy-smart choices can reduce winter’s impact on your wallet.

Our Winter guide includes advice on what you can do now and over the long term to save energy and reduce emissions without sacrificing on comfort.

Free things you can do now to save energy

Consider these free and simple ideas to start saving today.

Shut the door on wasted energy

Heating the entire house can be costly. Shut the door to areas you aren't using (like bathrooms, or the bedrooms during the day). Only heat the rooms you're using and save on energy costs.

Don't use the shower just to warm up

Heating your water can account for over 20% of household energy use. Try to avoid the temptation of using the shower for longer than necessary just to get warm.

Use a ‘solar’ clothes dryer

Clothes dryers are very convenient, but remember you're paying for this convenience. Use free energy from the sun and the wind to dry your clothes if and when you can.

Turn off gadgets and appliances

Many appliances continue to draw stand-by power even when switched off. This can account for up to 3% of your total energy costs. Turn off appliances not in use (such as heaters, TVs, computers and consoles) at the power point.

Shop around and switch to save

Don’t assume your current energy provider is offering you the best deal available. Look at government price-comparison websites to check which provider has the best rate.

Most people can compare electricity and gas offers on the Energy Made Easy website. 

See our Winter guide for more ideas and advice.

Winter rebates and assistance

For consumers struggling with energy bills over winter, the following assistance is available at the time of writing:


  • Low Income Household Program - low-income households are provided with a practical approach to help reduce their energy and water use.
  • Sustainable Home Advice Program - ACT residents can receive advice on how to minimise home energy use and reduce energy bills through an energy-efficiency assessment.

Northern Territory

  • NT Concession Scheme - members of the NT Concession Scheme can receive a concession on electricity costs.


  • Energy Account Payment Assistance - households experiencing difficulty paying their electricity or gas bill may be eligible for financial support.
  • NSW Gas Rebate - eligible concession card holders can get help paying their natural gas or residential LPG bills.
  • Low Income Household Rebate - low-income households can get help to cover the cost of their energy bills.
  • Seniors Energy Rebate - independent retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can receive a rebate to help cover the cost of their electricity.


South Australia


  • Annual electricity concession - eligible concession card holders can receive a daily discount on their electricity as a cents per day rate.
  • Heating Allowance - eligible pensioners can receive a payment to assist with heating costs.
  • Your Energy Support Program - Aurora Energy’s program provides eligible customers experiencing financial difficulties with the tools to take control of energy usage and bills.


Western Australia

For a more comprehensive list of help available in your state or territory, see our Rebates and assistance sorter.