Funding for renewable hydrogen projects

The Australian Government is providing funding to support 2 major hydrogen projects, in NSW and Queensland.

40 MW renewable hydrogen hub at Port of Newcastle, NSW

ARENA has announced $1.5 million in funding to support a feasibility study into the development of a 40 MW hydrogen hub located at Port of Newcastle in NSW.

The study will determine a broad and comprehensive range of potential-use cases for green hydrogen, including:

  • customer-led studies into mobility
  • bunkering
  • energy production
  • industrial applications such as renewable ammonia at scale for domestic fertiliser use.

Newcastle is an ideal location for a hydrogen hub due to the existing industries, infrastructure, access to a deep-water port and a highly skilled workforce. Port of Newcastle’s existing export routes to Japan and Korea represent potential renewable hydrogen export markets in the future.

Driving down emissions in heavy transport

The Australian Government is supporting a renewable hydrogen project for road freight in Townsville through a $15.5 million commitment through both the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and ARENA. 

The CEFC has committed up to $12.5 million to help Ark Energy Corporation produce green hydrogen to power what are expected to be the world’s heaviest fuel cell electric trucks.

The CEFC commitment will finance 5 purpose-built, zero-emissions trucks and the construction of hydrogen production and refuelling infrastructure to fuel them, helping deliver a more sustainable zinc supply chain. ARENA is contributing $3.02 million to the project, with a further $5 million provided by the Queensland Government’s Hydrogen Industry Development Fund.

The trucks, supplied by Hyzon Motors, are expected to be the largest road-going fuel cell electric trucks in the world at the time of their deployment. Heavy vehicles currently make up approximately 4% of road vehicles in Australia but account for around 23% of all road transport fuel consumed. The 5 zero-emission trucks will replace equivalent diesel-powered trucks and abate 1300 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

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