First Nations Clean Energy Symposium

A 2-day conference in Melbourne aims to ensure First Nations people are active participants in Australia’s move towards renewable energy and the opportunities that come with it. 

The First Nations Clean Energy Symposium brings together Traditional Owners, government policymakers and First Nations leaders to hear and learn from each other.

The symposium is co-hosted by the National Native Title Council, the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation and the First Nations Clean Energy Network.

Community-owned renewable projects that deliver lower-cost, reliable energy will be a major focus. These projects will bring secure job opportunities on Country and strengthen local economies.

The platform advocates for a national policy framework, sharing lessons from Government – First Nations relationships in Canada and New Zealand.

National Native Title Council chairman Kado Muir said, ‘We want to be active participants in the economy of renewable energy, as owners of projects, technology and power distribution into markets.’

Climate Change and Energy Assistant Minister Jenny McAllister addressed attendees at the event.

‘The starting point of course, is that our clean energy future depends on First Nations communities, in a very tangible way,’ the Assistant Minister said.

‘Earlier this month I was able to visit the Torres Strait and heard from First Nations people how difficult their reliance on diesel was becoming. Installation of microgrids, batteries and small scale solar generation promises cheaper, more plentiful and more reliable energy.

 ‘Australia’s First Nations communities have so much to contribute to our energy transition – they also have so much to gain.’

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