Emerging Energy Program for NSW business

The $55 million Emerging Energy Program will encourage large-scale projects to provide electricity on‑demand and boost energy security in NSW. The program will promote the diversification of electricity supply, via emerging technologies and renewable sources.

Eligible projects must demonstrate the ability to provide dispatchable or on-demand energy to help meet the state’s energy needs. Projects must also demonstrate the ability to manipulate output (or load) in response to one or more of the wholesale energy or ancillary service price signals in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Funding will be provided to commercialise these projects, as well as support pre-investment studies to help get new projects off the ground. The program is expected to leverage hundreds of millions of dollars in additional private sector investment and a significant number of jobs for regional NSW.

See Emerging Energy Program for more details including an overview, video and fact sheets.

[Source NSW Government]