EEC webinar for businesses

5 June 2018

The Energy Efficiency Council, in partnership with the City of Sydney, has produced a new set of guidance materials to help small businesses use accelerated depreciation to invest in energy savings projects.

Under the Australian Government’s accelerated depreciation for small businesses initiative, eligible small businesses purchasing assets costing less than the $20,000 threshold can write off the full cost of the asset in the year they are bought and used, or installed ready for use.

Small businesses can use accelerated depreciation when costing and implementing an energy saving projects. That means the tax savings can be added to the energy cost savings, amplifying the financial benefits and getting more money back to the small business.

The Energy Efficiency Council is hosting a webinar from 10am - 11am on Wednesday 13 June. The webinar will help you better understand the initiative, and how best to share this understanding with small businesses.

Register online for this webinar.