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  • ARENA to develop roadmap to boost bioenergy opportunities in Australia
  • World's largest scale battery set to get even bigger
  • Cool solution for renewable refrigeration
  • Report outlines emissions reduction options for industrial process heat users
  • ARENA gets cracking on commercial scale hydrogen
  • Heating and cooling to go renewable and provide demand response

COAG announces Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy

The COAG Energy Council has agreed to the National Hydrogen Strategy which aims to establish Australia’s hydrogen industry as a major global player by 2030.

NSW Government announces new Electricity Strategy

Households across NSW are expected to save $40 per year on their electricity bills and the state will have one of the highest reliability targets in the world under the NSW Electricity Strategy.

Extra energy savings help for drought-affected small businesses

The Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) advisory service has been extended to include small businesses with 5 or fewer employees that have been adversely affected by drought, including farm and non-farm businesses to provide support to reduce their energy costs and improve energy efficiency.

AER releases its Annual Network Benchmarking Report

On 29 November 2019, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) published the Annual Benchmarking Reports for electricity distribution and transmission service providers. These reports examine the productivity of networks in the National Electricity Market.

Tesla big battery in SA to get 50% bigger

The upgraded battery could provide half of the South Australia's inertia requirements, meaning that gas generators can be used more sparingly when there's enough wind and solar to meet electricity demand.

Steadfast stand-alone power in regional WA

With remote areas fed by long powerlines, often to just a few customers, power interruptions were an unwelcome reality. Now, after three years and more than 200 hours of power outages saved across just 6 properties, stand-alone systems are boosting reliability in rural Western Australia.

New smart streetlights pilot project for WA

Western Power launched a smart LED streetlights trial in the City of Melville. For the first time, streetlights in Western Australia will be able to operate on a system-wide basis, providing direct benefits to residents and local government authorities.

Solar carpark for shade and power

An innovative renewable energy solution implemented in the car park at a Western Australian shopping centre will not only provide shade for shoppers but also almost completely cover the site’s daytime energy needs. The project, by Infinite Energy, has been named as Solar Cutters 2019 Best Large Commercial Solar Installation.

Long partnership helps deliver tomorrow’s electricity grid

The electricity grid of the future is one step closer thanks to a $1.1 million research partnership signed by University of Wollongong (UOW) and Endeavour Energy.

Power Ledger signs deal for South Australian VPPs

Energy trading software company, Power Ledger, has partnered with Australian electricity wholesaler, Powerclub, for the large-scale roll-out of virtual power plants (VPPs) in South Australia which gives members access to wholesale electricity prices.

NT selling sun to Southeast Asia

The Sun Cable Project at Tennant Creek plans to funnel solar energy to help power not just Darwin but Singapore as well.

Solar-wind-battery hybrid project is a goldmine

Energy producer EDL has switched on its 23MW power station which integrates solar PV with gas and diesel generation to power the Agnew goldmine. It will incorporate other renewables, such as wind power, in stage 2 of the project.

New online energy and water calculator for small shopping centres

Small shopping centres can now use the online NABERs calculator to estimate their energy and water stars before getting a formal rating.

Squeezing energy savings out of air conditioning systems with machine learning

A Melbourne start-up has developed a machine-learning-enabled solution that can drive major energy and emissions savings.

Banana  waste converted into biodegradable, recyclable plastic

According to the University of NSW, the growing of bananas is a particularly wasteful form of agriculture, with only 12% of the plant being used. A new process can convert the wastage into a material that could be used in products such as shopping bags and food packaging.

Adelaide green hydrogen plant underway

Construction has begun on a pioneering hydrogen production facility in Adelaide, which will play a major role in South Australia’s bid to become a global leader in certified green hydrogen.

A student-designed care-facility generates more energy than it uses

The Desert Rose house was designed to support people living with dementia and other age-related conditions. The project is a joint University of Wollongong and TAFE NSW entry into the Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018, an international design and construction competition that focuses on sustainability.

Qantas aims to eliminate its net carbon emissions by 2050

Qantas will invest $50 million over 10 years to support a sustainable aviation industry, cap its net emissions from 2020 onwards, and double the number of flights which offset carbon emissions.

IEA calls for action to abate emissions through energy efficiency

Energy efficiency – which the International Energy Agency (IEA) views as the ‘first fuel’ of all energy transitions – could abate 37% of energy-related CO2 emissions between its Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) and Stated Policy Scenario (STEPS).

Road users want EVs to sound like regular cars

A UK survey found that 43% of drivers would prefer a noise that mimics a combustion engine when an electric vehicle is driven at low speed. Over 70% of drivers questioned think EV sounds should be standardised.

Farmers using food waste to generate electricity

Dairy farmers in the US are using food waste to generate electricity. Anaerobic digesters capture methane emissions from the waste and generate useable energy.

Largest New York City solar project set for JFK Airport

SunPower will develop a 13MW solar and 7.5MW battery storage project at the JFK International Airport. The project is described as a major step forward in meeting aggressive sustainability goals.

Scientists design new grid batteries for renewable energy

Scientists in the US have discovered a new flow battery membrane technology that could reliably power thousands of homes throughout a lifecycle of 10 to 20 years.

New battery doubles the range of electric planes

British company Oxis Energy believes its high-capacity lithium-sulfur batteries, which hold up to 5 times more energy per weight than lithium-ion cells, are ready to vastly increase the range of electric aircraft.

Nuclear disaster area to become renewable energy hub

The government of Fukushima in Japan has been ramping up renewable energy production since the devastating 2011 earthquake which caused the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Spain brings hybrid renewable plant to Spencer Gulf

Europe’s biggest renewable energy generator, the Spanish utility Iberdrola, has announced a 320MW hybrid solar and wind plant to be constructed at South Australia’s Spencer Gulf.

Oslo's ambitious plan to decarbonise its port

The Port of Oslo, Norway, is electrifying ferries and taking other steps to slash emissions.

World’s second-largest ferry operator switching to batteries

Washington State Ferries' electrification program will start with its three most polluting vessels, which together consume 19 million litres of fuel a year.