Distributed energy marketplace trial for consumers

The Australian Government is supporting a distributed energy resources (DER) marketplace trial project in which households and businesses will be able to buy and sell electricity and grid services through the wholesale electricity market.

Based in north eastern Victoria, Project Edge will create a real-life wholesale marketplace to buy and sell electricity from rooftop solar, household batteries, electric vehicles and smart appliances.

While these technologies are transforming our energy system and helping to reduce emissions, rapid uptake is impacting how the grid is managed and the trial will address current limitations of market frameworks.

The trial will initially involve 50 houses but will scale up to around 1,000 residential, commercial and industrial electricity customers.

The Hon Angus Taylor MP, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, said the trial will help reduce electricity costs and manage challenges associated with a decentralised grid. 

‘As more and more people install rooftop solar and smart energy appliances in their homes and businesses, it is important to find the best way of managing the new technologies to ensure the grid and electricity supplies remain reliable,’ the Minister said.

The government has provided $12.9 million in funding to the AEMO through ARENA to become a partner in the $28 million project, alongside electricity network AustNet Services and retailer Mondo Power.

For more information see the Minister’s media release and the ARENA website.