Customer energy resources for lower bills and a sustainable future

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has taken a critical step towards enabling households and businesses to capture the value of their customer energy resources (CER) and to take greater control over their own energy management. 

'CER' refers to smaller-scale energy resources owned by customers, which can produce, store, share or vary how they use energy. Forms of CER include solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicles, hot water heaters and pool pumps. 

These consumer-level resources can help reduce overall system costs, improve reliability, and achieve a shared, secure, low-emissions energy supply across communities.

The AEMC’s 29 February draft determination provides preferable draft electricity and retail rules for unlocking CER through flexible trading.

AEMC Chair Anna Collyer says investing in CER empowers consumers to generate, consume, store, and trade energy according to their preferences.

‘By using these assets in a smart way, customers can lower their energy bills, and should they choose, share the power they generate or vary their consumption in such a way that it supports the overall grid,’ Ms Collyer said.

A government CER taskforce has now been established, following Ms Collyer’s calls for urgent reform last year.

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