CO2 Utilisation Roadmap - research key to unlocking Australia's potential

A range of industries are difficult to decarbonise with renewable technologies alone. These industries often rely on fossil fuels as a building block for thousands of everyday carbon-based products such as plastics, aviation fuel and chemicals.

Others have CO2 emissions inherent in their processes, such as making steel and cement.

To reduce emissions from these industries we need to consider every method and tool available, one such tool is carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).

Developed with government and industry, the CO2 Utilisation Roadmap explores the risks and opportunities associated with the scale-up of carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) in Australia.

The Roadmap identifies four opportunity areas for Australia to pursue:

  • direct use of CO2
  • mineral carbonation
  • conversion of CO2 to create chemicals and fuels
  • biological conversion.

The Roadmap proposes key recommendations to support scale-up of CCU with collaboration across Australian industry, government and the research community.

As awareness of CCU is emerging in Australia, the Roadmap also aims to be the start of a broader conversation about CO2 utilisation.

Read more and download the CO2 Utilisation Roadmap.