Clean energy assistance for farmers

23 September 2019

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)  and the National Farmers Federation (NFF) have collaborated to back clean energy solutions for Australian farmers.

In a practical new guide for Australia’s 85,000 farming enterprises, the CEFC and the NFF have identified 51 opportunities where farmers can reduce their energy bills by improving energy efficiency and switching to renewables. The investment commitments start at under $10,000.

‘This guide collates information on proven and emerging technologies. It establishes how farmers can reduce their energy consumption and lower emissions, using realistic cost estimates,’ explained NFF CEO Tony Mahar. ‘Clean energy leads to greater efficiencies and productivity, and an overall lower emissions profile for the agribusiness sector. We believe this guide will help Australian farmers lower their energy bills, reduce their emissions footprint and ultimately, be more productive and competitive.’

The technologies range from variable speed drives and smart controls to best-in-class tractors and refrigeration equipment. Renewable energy solutions include increasingly cost-effective solar PV as well as on-farm microgrids, which are particularly relevant in remote areas or where network connections are expensive.

For more information, see CEFC and NFF back ready-made clean energy solutions for Australian farmers.