Australian Solar Standard revised to support growing industry

In the past 20 years, over 3.9 million solar PV systems have been installed across Australia. With lower associated costs, more households and businesses are opting for renewable solar power.

To support the growing solar panel industry, Standards Australia has published revised standard AS/NZS 5033:2021, Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays.

‘With millions of solar PV panel systems being installed across Australia, clear and relevant standards are paramount in supporting safe practice for industry professionals, homeowners and businesses,’ said Roland Terry-Lloyd, head of Standards Development at Standards Australia.

The revision aims to provide clear and relevant guidance to support safe systems and safe practices for industry professionals and consumers. The standard has been restructured for better readability.

The standard sets out general installation and safety requirements for electrical installations of PV arrays, including DC array wiring, electrical protection devices, switching and earthing provisions.

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Australian Solar Standard (AS/NZS 5033) revised to support growing solar industry

Standard: AS/NZS 5033:2021 Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays