Australian Energy Market Operator summer operations report

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has released its 2017-18 summer operations report, which outlines the actions taken to best prepare the National Electricity Market to meet Australian energy consumer requirements.

These preparations are designed to minimise, as far as possible, the risk of customer supply disruption in the National Electricity Market during the periods of highest demand for electricity from the grid.

Summer is the time of peak energy use for all of Australia except Tasmania. High temperatures and potentially catastrophic events like bushfires and storms place the power system at the highest stress level and make it most vulnerable to failure.

Following the rapid closure of the 1600MW capacity Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria in March, AEMO assessed the short-term balance of supply and demand. AEMO identified a heightened risk of supply disruptions for the coming summer in Victoria and South Australia if no further steps were taken.

‘AEMO is pleased to announce a total of close to 2000MW of additional resources will be available to the market for this summer,’ said Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Ms Audrey Zibelman.

‘Additional resources include the return of 833MW of existing market generation capacity from gas-powered generators, over 1,000MW of generation and demand response resource reserves AEMO has procured via the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader mechanism,’ said Ms Zibelman.

AEMO will continue to support the transition of the power system to a low-emission future.

See the AEMO summer operations report