AEMO report – the roadmap to net zero

The new Integrated System Plan (ISP) from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is a comprehensive roadmap for the National Electricity Market (NEM). The report shows that Australia's transition to net zero by 2050 is accelerating more quickly than expected.

The ISP highlights the impacts of coal closures and the increasing affordability of renewables. Ongoing international conflicts and Australian market developments have further strengthened the case for the shift to clean energy.

The plan calls for levels of investment in generation, storage, transmission and system services that exceed all previous efforts combined.

NEM state governments have honed their policies on energy, electric vehicle, renewables and emissions abatement, moving towards a clean electrification of the economy.

Countries that have excess low-cost renewable energy will be at a distinct advantage going forward. Australia is extremely well-positioned, with options to export that energy, or use it in industrial production or for energy-intensive digital industries.

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2022 Integrated System Plan for the NEM AEMO - Includes appendices and supporting materials.

AEMO releases 30-year electricity market roadmap AEMO