2,100 apartment residents in Canberra to benefit from Solar for Apartments

The Australian and ACT governments are co-funding shared solar to benefit more than 2,100 apartment residents.

Body corporates can apply for up to $100,000 to install solar with eligible providers through the $3.6 million Solar for Apartments Program.

The program can provide reliable, renewable energy to apartments and could help to reduce electricity bills by up to 35% for residents. 

Body corporates can:

  1. register for the program 
  2. apply for up to $100,000, with half as a grant and half as an interest-free loan.

This program will receive $1.8 million from the Australian Government in grant funding and $1.8 million as zero-interest loans from the ACT Government’s Sustainable Household Scheme. 

The program is part of the Australian Government’s $100 million Community Solar Banks, which will help more than 25,000 households across the country to install shared solar and clean energy technology. 

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