100% on smart meters by 2030

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has made final recommendations to improve the regulatory framework for metering services.

The recommendations aim to ensure 100% of consumers have smart meters by the start of the next decade. The universal uptake of household smart meters by 2030 would provide net benefits to the value of $507 million for national electricity market regions.

AEMC Chair Anna Collyer said smart meter data will help customers see the benefits of a more efficient, lower-cost and decarbonised energy system.

‘Smart meters present clear benefits for consumers and form a crucial link for the wider energy system, paving the way for significant advances necessary to reach net zero.

The AEMC’s final recommendations would see new obligations placed on retailers to provide information prior to meter installations. Retailers would also be required to provide adequate notice of tariff increases.

‘Knowledge really is power and that’s why we’re also recommending a mandate on customer access to real-time data about their own energy usage, so that they can maximise their savings from the touch of a device in their own homes,’ Ms Collyer said.

[Photo: Quentin Jones]

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