What to do if you can’t pay your bill

If you are having trouble paying your energy bill, lots of help is available.

Talk to your retailer

Many retailers have a hardship program in place to help customers who are having difficulties paying their bill. Before you can access these types of program, you’ll need to get in touch and explain your situation, but once that’s done, your retailer may be able to:

  • extend your bill’s due date
  • allow you to make small weekly or fortnightly payments. Some retailers are part of a program called the Sustainable Payment Plans Network, which can make this process easier
  • point you towards government concessions
    • use the rebate searcher on YourEnergySavings.gov.au to see if you are eligible for any rebates or assistance
  • waive late fees
  • offer advice on how to use less energy
  • check you are on the right energy plan.

Centrelink customers

If you are a Centrelink customer, you can pay your energy bill direct from your Centrelink payment using a program called Centrepay.

Need financial support?

Financial counsellors are helpful, qualified professionals who provide information, support and advocacy to people in financial difficulty. 

The service is free, independent and confidential.

Phone 1800 007 007, 9.30am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday.

The MoneySmart budget planner can also help with managing costs.


Contact the energy ombudsman if:

  • you disagree with your retailer about your bill and can’t solve the situation
  • your retailer won’t let you use their hardship program
  • you can’t agree about how to pay the money back

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