EV charging – preparing for a long trip

People are driving electric vehicles (EVs) on Australian roads more than ever.

The increase in EVs will unsurprisingly lead to an increase in the use of public charging facilities, especially during peak travelling periods.

As with any long trips we have taken in the past, planning can provide a smoother experience to get from A to B.

DRIVE with care

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of your EV road trip.

D – Design your journey with your recharging needs in mind. Download apps for the major charging providers in case your first choice of provider is not the most convenient. Bring along your charging provider’s radio frequency identification (RFID) card for tap-and-go payment systems at compatible chargers, and if travelling in areas of limited mobile coverage.

R – Recharge to 100% before you leave the house and (if possible) before you head back home. For all other locations during your journey, recharge to 80%. This is more time efficient as charging speeds drop considerably after 80% charge.

I – Inform yourself about your car. Know what affects your state of charge, and what that means for your recharging stops.

V – Vacate when finished to ensure the next car can recharge as soon as possible. Where possible, let other users know when you expect to finish your charging session to allow other EV drivers to plan.

E – Enjoy the journey and recharge during your regular 2 hourly rest-revive-survive breaks. Many charging stations across the country are in fantastic spots with facilities, playgrounds, and food outlets nearby.

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Learn more about the Australian Government’s EV-charging infrastructure projects at

EV being charged