Reduce your energy bill

Understand your bills

Understanding your energy bill helps you assess your energy use patterns so you can make changes and savings. It’ll also help you determine if a new offer from your energy retailer is going to be the right fit for your household.

Compare your bills

Your bill provides comparisons of your usage over the last year. Compare season to season to see where you should focus your efforts.

For example, if you know your bills are always high in winter, look at options to reduce your heating costs. Or if your bills are consistently high in summer and you’re a pool owner, there are steps you can take to reduce pool pump running times and pool-related energy use.

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Understand your household’s peak electricity demand period

Knowing when your household uses the most electricity will help you choose the best energy offer or maximise savings. For example, if your family arrives home together and turns on heating or cooling, cooks dinner, watches TV or goes online at the same time, then that’s your peak energy demand period.

Where possible, avoid using electricity at peak times, for example by running your washing machine or dishwasher late at night.

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