How to reduce your energy bill - getting started

You might be one of the many households who can reduce their bill simply by changing suppliers. If you don’t want to change supplier, you could speak to your existing supplier to see if they have a better deal for you. To really maximise savings, you can take steps to change how and when you use energy.

Get to know your energy bill

Understanding your energy bill (including the fine print) will help you to assess your energy use patterns so you can begin to make changes and savings. It will also help you know if a new offer from your energy supplier is going to be the right fit for your household.

Compare your bills

If you turn your bill over, you can make some quick comparisons against your recent use. Remember to compare season to season to see where you should focus your efforts.

For example, if you know your bills are always high in winter you could look at a mix of options to reduce your home heating costs. Or if your bills are consistently high in summer and you’re a pool owner there are steps you can take to reduce pool pump running times and pool-related energy use.

Find out more in our 20 ways to save energy guide.

Understand your household’s peak energy demand

Knowing which times of day your household uses the most energy will help you select the right energy offer or maximise available savings. The right deal for you will depend on your lifestyle. For example, are you at home during the day or does your family arrive home together and turn on heating or cooling, cook dinner, watch TV, go online and do homework at the same time?

Where possible, avoid using energy at peak times by running your washing machine late at night. has many practical ways to save energy, water and money at home while staying comfortable. It includes:

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