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Government priorities


Government responses to COVID-19 in the energy sector

The Council of Australian Governments Energy Council (COAG Energy Council), comprising the Australian Government and state and territory government energy ministers, have met to agree a coordinated and comprehensive approach to identifying and managing the impacts of COVID-19 on the energy sector. This response builds on arrangements already in place for dealing with energy sector impacts, such as extreme weather events and bushfires.

Ministers agreed that governments and industry will work together in a number of key areas and will be supported by emergency management arrangements adapted to meet the needs of the current situation. This includes the COAG Energy Council and the newly established National Coordination Mechanism.

The Energy Coordination Mechanism will bring together senior executives from governments and industry. This cooperation will be important to allow governments and industry to ensure the energy sector continues to support the economy and community. Ministers encouraged energy generators, retailers and networks to consider support measures for customers experiencing difficult circumstances as a result of COVID-19.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is now enacting its full suite of pandemic responses to provide the maximum possible protection and resilience for its critical operations and people. AEMO is also working with the energy industry including electricity generators, gas facilities, network businesses and other market participants to support additional pandemic management actions across the sector.

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