Taiwan energy engagement

The Joint Energy and Minerals, Trade and Investment Cooperation Consultations (JEMTIC) provides an opportunity for representatives from Australia and Taiwan to exchange information on developments in their respective energy and energy resources sectors, identify opportunities for technical cooperation and investment, discuss developments in world energy markets and promote two-way trade and investment. The first JEMTIC was held in Canberra Australia in 1992.

The last JEMTIC consultation took place in Canberra, Australia, on 12–14 September 2017.

Areas of discussion included:

  • policy developments
  • investment and trade opportunities
  • clean and renewable energy
  • enhancement of bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and Australia

Next meeting

The 23rd JEMTIC consultation will be held in Taiwan in 2018.

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For more information about Australia's bilateral energy cooperation with Taiwan or if you would like to participate in future meetings, please email Energy.International [at] environment.gov.au

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