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Germany energy engagement

In November 2014, an Australia-Germany Advisory Group (AGAG) was established to identify ways to broaden and strengthen the relationship between Australia and Germany. The AGAG recognised that there are opportunities for enhanced bilateral trade and collaboration on global energy issues between the two countries.

AGAG issued a report in November 2015 titled ‘Collaboration, Innovation and Opportunity’ which proposed that Australia and Germany establish a bilateral working group on energy and resources. As a result, the Australia-Germany Energy and Resources Working Group (ERWG) is being established.

The main objective of the ERWG is to foster and advance the energy transitions that both countries are undergoing by exchanging views, best practices and knowledge on the development of a sustainable energy system with a particular focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The ERWG will also focus on enhancing, intensifying and improving the engagement of private sector companies in the energy and resources sectors, with a view to exploring further investment opportunities.

The ERWG will:

  • explore how Australia, as a net exporter of energy and resources, can support German needs
  • discuss climate change, including lessons and opportunities from Germany’s energy transition
  • explore options for involving non-government institutions in innovative energy research fields

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