APEC Energy Working Group (EWG)

The Department of the Environment and Energy is the lead Australian Government delegate for the APEC Energy Working Group (APEC EWG).

Australia is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC) and the APEC EWG, established in 1990. 

The APEC membership comprises twenty-one countries from around the APEC region, and includes all of Australia’s major energy export destinations.

Australia has a key role to play in the EWG given our substantial energy resource and export capacity and interest in optimising energy security outcomes.

The purpose of the EWG is to promote regional energy security and economic growth that is environmentally sustainable. Key issues addressed include new and renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, clean fossil energy, the development of low carbon model towns and energy infrastructure resilience. Currently the EWG is also working to reduce regional energy intensity by 45% by 2035 (using 2005 as a base year) and to double the uptake of renewable energy by 2030 from 2014 levels.

The EWG membership assesses the energy challenges facing the region using a comprehensive statistical database, modelling work and high level policy analysis. EWG officials meet twice a year and their work is guided by APEC Leaders and APEC Energy Ministers.

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