The Australian Energy Employment Report

Australia will soon have its first national energy workforce survey, The Australian Energy Employment Report (AEER).

The Australian Energy Employment Report (AEER) will improve government and industry understanding of jobs in the energy sector, and support the people in those jobs and their skills.

The survey will go live in Q4 2022/23 and will be run annually to ensure the data collected is an accurate representation of the energy sector.

The AEER will provide data needed to:

  • develop new policy and programs to support the energy sector
  • support other initiatives, such as improving gender equality and a transition pathway for fossil fuel industry workers
  • allow businesses to improve their workforce planning and direct industry investment
  • forecast where and what energy jobs will be in the future.

This initiative addresses the need for good quality data and systematic workforce projections for the Australian energy sector, as identified in the RACE for 2030 CRC and Developing the future energy workforce: Opportunity Assessment.

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