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Energy workforce

Australia’s transition to net zero will require unprecedented investment to build the required energy infrastructure. The composition of Australia’s energy market is also changing, with the near- to intermediate-term reduction of fossil fuel demand and increasing trends shifting to cleaner energy sources as part of the transition to net zero. Australia must ensure it has the workforce needed in the locations required to both build this required energy infrastructure and work with new energy technologies.

Much of the work required to implement the transition to net zero draws on a limited workforce, both within Australia and globally. Australia must also ensure there is a pipeline of skill transfer and training to give the sector the workforce it needs into the future.

Governments need to identify and plan a pathway to support the sector given these current and emerging workforce pressures. This will support economic growth, safe and meaningful employment for workers, and energy reliability and security.

It is critical Australia adopts a nationally consistent approach to its energy workforce and brings together work underway across jurisdictions.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) is undertaking a scoping study to identify existing and planned workforce policies and initiatives as a first step to building Australia’s future energy workforce.

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