Liquid Fuel Security Review

Release of the Interim Report on the Liquid Fuel Security Review

On 4 April 2019 the Department of the Environment and Energy released the Interim Report on the Liquid Fuel Security Review. You can download a copy of the Interim Report

Public consultation on the Interim Report will be open until 2.00pm (AEST) on Friday 3 May 2019. Submissions can be made through the department’s online Consultation Hub.

It is clear that people have strong and divergent views on fuel security. The department is consulting with stakeholders, as it is essential people have an opportunity to contribute to the review before the final report on the review is prepared for government.

In assessing fuel security, the department has a number of key areas of work under way:

Reliability of supply

  • Understanding the demand across different fuel types and different users.
  • Mapping the supply, including international imports, domestic production, refineries, storage capacity and distribution.


  • Cost–benefit analysis of the economic impacts of disruptions and the associated costs of measures to insure against these events.


  • Testing the system to see how well we would manage if there were disruptions.
  • Thinking to the future to understand emerging risks and how our use of liquid fuels is evolving.


The department will be continuing to consult with key stakeholders and interested parties on the assessment of Australia’s liquid fuel security as it is completed.

To register for updates on the assessment of Australia’s liquid fuel security, please email energysecurity [at]