About energy security assessments

The Australian Government is undertaking a review of liquid fuel security to help deliver affordable and reliable energy.

This will be completed by the end of 2018 and contribute to a broader consideration of energy security across liquid fuel, electricity and gas in the National Energy Security Assessment (NESA) by mid-2019.

What are national energy security assessments?

Two National Energy Security Assessments were previously released in 2009 and 2011.

The 2019 NESA will consider human and environmental threats to the adequate, reliable and affordable delivery of liquid fuel, gas and electricity to Australian consumers.

How are these assessments and studies used?

These assessments (and specific commissioned studies to monitor and analyse energy supply chains) are used by governments, market institutions and businesses to identify where change may be needed to address challenges affecting delivery of electricity, gas and liquid fuels to consumers and mitigate risks.

Energy security assessments

Commissioned reports


The Department of the Environment and Energy will be consulting with key stakeholders and interested parties on the liquid fuel assessment, with full public consultation on the broader framework for the National Energy Security Assessment.

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For more information or to register your interest in being consulted on the liquid fuel security assessment, please email energysecurity [at] environment.gov.au.

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