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Hotel Energy Uplift Program


The Hotel Energy Uplift Program will deliver $10.2 million in grants to help small and medium hotels reduce their energy use, improve energy productivity and deliver carbon abatement. 

Aim of the program

To help small and medium hotels (that are not in or on a residential property or plot) save energy and reduce power bills through:

  • upgrading equipment to reduce energy consumption
  • upgrading building fabric to save energy, such as improving windows, drapes or insulation
  • energy management activities and assessments, such as energy audits and engineering feasibility studies for energy efficiency upgrades
  • investing in energy monitoring and management systems.

Batteries and on-site energy generators such as solar panels are not eligible.


Small and medium sized hotels, motels and serviced apartment complexes with 1-99 guest rooms that are not in or on a residential property or plot.

Applicants can choose from a defined list of activities aimed at reducing the energy consumption of a hotel.

Examples include:

  • upgrading heating, ventilation and cooling
  • new solar hot water heaters or air source hot water heat pumps to replace bathroom hot water systems
  • new or replacement control components or systems for lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling or refrigeration equipment
  • upgrades to building fabric that reduce energy consumption, such as external shading on windows.

The full eligibility criteria and full list of eligible activities are set out in the program guidelines.

Available grants

Grants will be awarded to eligible applicants on a first come, first served basis.

  • The minimum grant amount is $10,000
  • The maximum grant amount is $25,000

There is no requirement for a co-contribution.

Number of grants available

The program is expected to provide between 400 and 600 grants.

Funding will be distributed among jurisdictions in proportion to the number of small and medium hotels in each, as follows:

  • NSW - $3.37 million
  • Queensland - $3.14 million
  • Victoria - $1.84 million
  • Western Australia - $680,000
  • South Australia - $590,000
  • Tasmania - $370,000
  • Northern Territory - $130,000
  • ACT - $80,000

How to apply

You can find the program guidelines at

Applications opened on 24 February 2021 and closed on 1 April 2021 (or earlier where funding was exhausted).

Enquiries about the program can be directed to AusIndustry’s contact centre on 13 28 46 or through their online enquiry form at

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