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Green leases

The National Green Leasing Policy is the first nationally consistent approach by the Australian Government and state and territory governments, as tenants of buildings, to drive a reduction in the environmental impact of buildings through improved operational performance. It contains green leasing principles to guide governments.

Green leases can also be used in the private commercial building sector with publications developed to encourage the uptake of green leases in private leasing arrangements.

Tenant's Guide to Green Leases

The guide aims to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of using green leases from a tenant perspective. It provides an overview of the basic concepts and elements of green leasing, to assist private tenants to achieve better environmental outcomes from the leasing and on-going management of their office space.

Tenant's Guide to Green Leases

Green Lease Handbook

The guide is complemented by the Green Lease Handbook which contains more detailed legal and technical information.

The Green Lease Handbook is a practice guide for leasing advisors engaged by landlords or tenants seeking to incorporate green provisions in commercial leases. It provides detailed legal and technical information about green leasing concepts and the associated issues. This information was developed through comprehensive discussion and analysis from both tenants’ and landlords’ perspectives.

Green Lease Handbook

Negotiating green leases, case studies

These case studies are taken from real-life green lease negotiations, and have been chosen to illustrate a variety of scenarios and outcomes. They provide lessons learned and insights.

Negotiating Green Leases - case studies

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